Sparkle Tufano


Yes, her real name is Sparkle, and no, her parents weren't hippies. 

Sparkle is a Certified Technician with a background in pre-visualization and computerized special effects creation.

What the heck does that mean? She's a true techie with a creative side!

Sparkle earned a Bachelor's degree with a focus on the recording industry from Middle Tennessee State University and a Master of Fine Arts in technical theater from Purdue University. She's also currently an adjunct professor in the Speech and Theater department at MTSU, where she loves inspiring the next generation of creative techies!

Her artistic training allows her to 'think outside the box' and approach your issue with creative solutions.

Sparkle loves Middle Tennessee and is a very active member of her community. She's a Diplomat with the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce and a dedicated member of Rutherford Cable and Rutherford Independent Networking Group (RING).